Ways to Expunge Your Felony in Texas – 2021 Guide

You can erase a lawful offense case in Texas by erasing or annihilating the record. It can presently don’t be gotten to through an undisclosed request through the applicable interaction after it is fixed by the court.

Section 55 of the Texas Criminal Procedure Code accommodates these two systems. Typically, there is a three-year holding up period in Texas before you can apply for expulsion. It just applies to captures that have never been charged. Recordpurge.com can help you all through the cycle.

What Is Expunction?

Appearance in court is a strategy accessible to criminal respondents in Texas. Here, the criminal litigant presented an uncommon archive known as “appeal” to the proper court in Texas. It requires the adjudicator to consent to annihilate all records identified with the capture and indictment by the law implementation office included.

Expenses might be charged per Texas law. An effective indictment can incorporate court requests and guidelines to these law requirement offices to annihilate their records. It incorporates everything from beginning police reports and jail records to indictment reports and preliminary court archives.

The Consequences of a Felony Record

A lawful offense is a genuine wrongdoing, like burglary, assault, and extreme attack, causing genuine individual injury. Regardless of whether you have not been indicted in Texas, you can in any case have a crime record-once charged. When the lawful offense is recorded it proceeds. Having a crime record can be hard to do what a great many people underestimate: lease a house, contract, join the military, or get a new line of work.

It can likewise keep you from receiving a youngster or acquiring care of the kid in case of a separation and may much trigger removal techniques. The results are not kidding to the point that the cycle of lawful offense survey merits seeking after.

Erasing or Sealing Your Record

Assume you meet the particular lawful arrangements of the Criminal Code. Around there, you can effectively document a grievance with the Texas Criminal Court to erase or stamp your lawful offense record. After the record is erased or fixed through a private request, every one of your privileges will be reestablished. For example, on the off chance that you are addressed whether you have a crime conviction, you can legally react, “No.”

All things considered, there is by all accounts no lawful offense allegation. In Texas, clearing and fixing records have comparable cycles and advantages. The significant distinction is that the record is annihilated by one technique.

Interestingly, the other interaction makes it unimaginable for anybody with the exception of some administration authorities to see the record. In moderately uncommon cases, the fixed record must be opened by a request. The qualification necessities for fixing records are not as exacting as those for erasing records, which gives the appointed authority more space in hearing your appeal.

Hence, a few attorneys recommended that the candidate applies for the two systems simultaneously. In the event that the appointed authority can’t abrogate, he may in any case have the option to stamp.

Only one out of every odd Felony is Eligible

Coming up next are the two most regular factors that make you qualified to partake in one or the other cycle:

You have been confined for a wrongdoing/crime yet never charged.

Your wrongdoing/crime allegation has been dismissed.

In the main case, you should stand by three years after the date of capture before you can apply for the cancellation of your criminal record. Assume you have been absolved for a wrongdoing by the President of the United States or the Governor of Texas.

Around there, you are likewise qualified, yet truly such acquits are uncommon. In his first year in office, Texas Governor Abbott gave just four acquittals, however none had genuine violations.

How Long Will the Process Take?

Expecting your appeal is substantial and qualified for expulsion, the court will intend to organize a conference inside 30 days. On the off chance that the adjudicator orders it to be erased, the court may require as long as a half year to record the judgment.

As such, you ought to expect that the whole cycle will require seven or eight months. From that point onward, the capture or charge of a crime will presently don’t be noticeable to people in general.

Clearing A Criminal History

Therefore, clearing up a criminal history in Texas is legitimately permitted and is simpler than many may might suspect. Numerous individuals meet all requirements for the ‘strike out’ of their Texas criminal records. Others can liberate their future from a past criminal record by documenting a “Classification Petition” with their neighborhood Texas court.

The capacity to clear criminal records or award nondisclosure (fixed records) prerequisites to the court is fundamental to ensure future business objectives, grants, military turn of events, admissions to specific associations and colleges, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

The chance to conceal past criminal history furnishes numerous individuals with a significant second chance.

Appeal for Nondisclosure

In Texas, a criminal litigant can likewise make a conventional solicitation to a criminal court judge, called a “mystery prerequisite”. It gives assurance like that of resistance however doesn’t include the annihilation of reports.

Subsequent to supporting the privacy necessity, a court request educates the significant law authorization organizations. Which is: not to uncover the significant criminal record including the individual’s capture, arraignment, and probation to any outsider.

These records won’t be annihilated undisclosed, such as obliterating records.

Violations That Cannot Be Expunged



Capital Murder

Infringement of a Protective Order


Disturbed Kidnapping




On the off chance that you have a wrongdoing in your Texas criminal record, you might have the option to seal it. Like robbery or burglary. In the event that your wrongdoing case isn’t on this rundown, you can seal it following finishing the probation. You should be waiting on the post trial process for in any event two years before the wrongdoing can be fixed.


Any individual who needs to demand that their criminal record be erased or stepped can utilize the structure in Texas. These structures can be found on the web.

In spite of the fact that this e-recording framework made devastation as of late. Buying these structures won’t set up an attorney customer relationship in any capacity.