Do You Know How You Can Use Less Amount of E-Liquid While Vaping?

If you can properly tune your vape kits and their various settings, you can reduce the consumption of e-liquid. Carrying an extra amount of e-liquid or having the tank run dry during the most inconvenient situation can often happen during your vaping life that most people want to avoid.

When we say cutting down on your e-liquid consumption while vaping may often sound as if it is going to dilute the experience. However, it may be a totally different experience from producing giant clouds, but there are few benefits too.

The cloud will not be as dense if you use less e-liquid, but it will not detract you from your experience. While vaping and also customizing the device, all of us may have different choices, and it is simply to find the right settings only for you.

The following are the few best and easiest ways of reducing the consumption of your juice and also vaping happily.

  1. Try ‘retro’ vaping

What we mean here is, you must follow all the basics i.e., no tricks or frills, and thrills. The most basic e-cigarette that you bought from a certain vape shop like Celtic Vapours will be most efficient and will last the longest.

With higher nicotine strengths, higher atomizer resistance, and lower power would mean less e-liquid is used, long-lasting batteries, and also easier experience.

2. Increase your nicotine level

For those who are vaping non-stop and it is not hitting the spot, then they must increase their nicotine level. If any seasoned vapers also find themselves chugging away, then try using the juice with more nicotine.

Surely, this will make the most out of your juice because they will not need as much nicotine to get the same amount of hit.

3. Get a ‘day device’ for yourself.

It is very unlikely that you will be allowed to send high vapor clouds around the place where you are working, then why don’t you invest in a certain smaller and more basic e-cigarette at your workplace?

This way, you can use a small quantity of e-juice only during the day. Save all your tricks and clouds only at your home.

4. Fix your leaking vape tank

Very often, e-cigarettes get leaky when people overfill or incorrectly fill them. If, despite filling it properly, it is still leaking, then get it fixed! Perhaps your tank is damaged, or you must be having liquid in your center tube.

Try to clean with a paper towel or replace the tank if needed. Regularly check it to avoid any hazards to ensure a better vaping experience.

5. Be wary of the usage of your e-liquid.

Track your intake regularly throughout the week for checking where you can reduce your intake of e-liquid. It could also mean giving yourself a little ‘vape break’ occasionally as you used to have a smoking break when you have been smoking. Of course, now there will not be any stinking smell of smoking.

By following all these tips, you can reduce the consumption of your e-liquid.