Why People Prefer Glass Room? Tips to Build a Bespoke Glass Room

You may fantasize about spending the whole morning in the garden or gazing at the stars while sleeping at night. However, you step back at the thought of weather, harsh sunlight, or too cold climate. Hold on. This is why you have glass room extensions at some beautiful resorts. You can enjoy the scenery outside yet feel the comfort of staying indoors.

It’s not burdensome to add glass rooms to the already existing residential structure. You can say that it is a separate living space attached to your house. Open Space Concepts is a registered company in England that makes these extensions affordable. They use high-quality materials from Germany at these prices. They also guarantee that their structures can withstand the harsh winters of the United Kingdom.

Why Do Customers Want Glass room?

If you just want a sheltered space outside, why not make a conservatory? Glass room is different from a conservatory and has more features. The basic difference is that you would need to lay a foundation for a conservatory, unlike a glass room. Conservatories also cost more than glass room extensions.

You can keep the room fully enclosed, partially closed, or completely open according to the change in weather. It can let in as much sunlight you need and also keep you away from the rain while you enjoy lounging in outer space.

The glass garden rooms have unobstructed views on all sides due to their light framework. You would remain protected from all the natural elements that can disturb your peaceful time in the garden. You can now use garden rooms any time of the year.

Everybody Gets A Bespoke Glass Room

Whenever you are ordering a glass room structure, it would comply with the area you want to cover and adjust with the existing structure. The size and shape of the glass room would be according to your specification. Moreover, you can add any extra feature to your glass room like LED lighting, heat insulation, overhangs, and remote-controlled blinds.

You can set up a bioclimatic pergola for the best experience of nature with modern technology. They usually use aluminum frames and structures. You can operate it manually or with remote or switches. Though it may cost you more, you can also get a fully automated version.

Choose Your Flooring Option and Glass

Various types of glasses are both durable and functional. You can even get a glass changing to privacy mode when electricity passes through it. You can decide on the thickness of the glass according to the expected external environmental condition. A regular glass door (sliding or folding) requires 10mm thick glass, while a roof would need 10mm to 10.8mm thickness. The thickness for a wide glass infill should be something around 10mm to 12mm.

If you are using an underfloor heating system, you don’t have to worry about selecting timber flooring. Otherwise, composite timber flooring would be a better option. You can choose not to use the existing flooring and set up a deck. You can then lay tiles on it.


The majority of the glass room extensions do not require any planning permission. Still, you can check out the existing laws of the residing area. You have to choose your options carefully and not give in to your whims and overburden your budget.