How to publish music on Amazon Music, iTunes, Spotify, and more

You can get your music published on several music stores/streaming platforms. This can be done when you link up with a reliable music distributor. The distributor is usually preferred by many independent and unsigned artists since they are affordable and fast.

How you can sell your music on Amazon Music

You only get to sell your music on Amazon Music, iTunes, Apple Music when you link up with a credible distributor. They will make it easy for you to sell any music, EPs, LPs, or albums that you might have. They do this by helping you to get your music on streaming services and music stores. This can be done in several simple steps as follows:

1). Get your music uploaded online: When you first meet up with a music distributor, you will need to sign up with them. You will then create an account for your music and upload your albums, Eps, LPs, or albums. As you get your music on Apple Music, and other stores, all tracks should be uploaded with their respective album/single cover arts. This helps gives your music a professional feel and look.

2). The distributor sends the music to the music streaming services/stores: After uploading your music to their platform, the distributor will put your music on iTunes and many other major platforms for selling/streaming digital music. All music/albums are sent the way they are uploaded. Furthermore, you will also fix the price for each track as you upload them online.

3). Relax and get paid: Now that you have successfully uploaded your music online through the distributor, you can now sit back and watch your checks come through. You get paid anytime that your music is downloaded or streamed in these music stores. You create an account with the distributor that is used to receive your payments directly from the music stores/streaming platforms.

Benefits of selling your music through a distributor

Globally music sales: A good music distributor helps you publish your music globally to realize worldwide music circulation. When you sign up with one, they will quickly distribute your audio tracks across top digital music stores all across the world. This way, you can reach millions of fans and grow your fan base, and who knows, maybe you can embark on a worldwide musical tour.

Retain full control of your music: Unlike the big sharks (record labels) music distributors do not steal your music publishing. When you sign up with one and they help you sell music online, you still retain all ownership of your music. The music you create will always be your intellectual property.

 Never get any hidden costs: When you sign up with a music distributor, you are never charged with any hidden costs. When you release your music, all releases are subjected to free UPC and ISRC codes.

Professional music promotion: As an unsigned or independent artist, you need a professional feel for new fans to accept your music. Good music distributors give your music a professional look and feel. How about a Spotify windowing? You can get your liner notes and credits in stores. The distributors will circulate your music throughout various online platforms like Instagram and YouTube to help you make money. You can release music compilations, get playlisted, become nominated for popular music awards, and many more opportunities.