What Are the Most Effective Social Media Advertising Platforms?

Social media marketing is revolutionary in the marketing industry. It has replaced all the existing conventional forms of marketing and the future of social media marketing is even brighter. In such a scenario, it becomes imperative for you to incorporate social media marketing into your marketing scheme to generate maximum leads.

The benefits of social media marketing are innumerable. It lets you create a very audience-specific ad campaign within a defined budget. You have plenty of flexibility over campaigns, meaning you can customise ads based on the performance of your previous campaigns by analysing what works for your audience and what doesn’t.

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Best types of social media marketing

Some of the best forms of social media marketing are:

  • Facebook marketing – Facebook has more than 2 billion monthly users. This makes it a very fertile place for marketing. You must master the Facebook Ads Management in order to generate huge revenue from Facebook campaigns. The three core steps to Facebook marketing are setting up the ad, setting up the targeting and then setting up the re-targeting.
  • Instagram advertising – Instagram enjoys more than 50 million active users monthly and has the highest engagement rate on all social media platforms. The key factors of Instagram advertising are that it is a very image and video-friendly platform. So, if your ad is in that format, it is the perfect fit for Instagram.

Besides that, it is the perfect platform to target an audience in the age group of 18-29. If your services target that customer base, it is a blessing for you. Instagram allows you to directly link to the product page to create direct engagement with the customer.

  • Twitter advertising – Twitter has connected users with both mainstream and niche influencers. It is a very effective method for increasing organic engagement with customers. Since the brands are not required to pay for reaching out to their followers, the value of running ads on the platforms increases.
  • Pinterest advertising – Pinterest can be termed as the female-targeted version of Instagram. 81% of its user base is female. Thus, you can use it as a very effective platform if you engage in services related to female-targeted products.


Social media marketing is a game-changer. There are multiple social media platforms, each with its benefits. You must analyse the platforms to engage their maximum benefit for your business.