7 Tips For Caring For iPhone Charger For Long Life

If your phone is low on battery, you’ll immediately search for a charger or adapter.

These devices can be very valuable. It won’t be full of power if it doesn’t have a charger.

You must take care of your charger to ensure it doesn’t get damaged quickly, especially if you are using Apple products such as the iPhone.

The original accessories are also expensive, not only because they are very expensive but also because they are quite costly. You will need to pay a lot more for a charger if an accessory becomes damaged.

If the bulk iphone chargers are not used correctly, they can be damaged easily. Here are some tips to care for your iPhone charger so it lasts.

  1. Take care when you are rewinding the cable

This is something that most users don’t pay much attention to, even though improperly coiling the charging cables can cause damage.

It is important to take care when winding the cable, as you might damage the delicate wires.

You can roll the cord up and loop it three to four times. Then, tuck each end in the loop. The cable should never be bent or compressed.

Cable breakage can be caused by being compressed and bent under pressure. This is where the cable most likely will break.

  1. Slowly disconnect the cables from your iPhone

They are usually in a hurry to leave, but they are charging. iPhone users often unplug their charger cables, sometimes even taking them apart.

It shouldn’t be a routine. Pulling on the cable and plugging it in again is a quick way of causing damage to your cable.

  1. Use a Shield

This is the best method. If you want to make your charger cable more secure, install a spring at the end of the cable. It will not bend easily.

You can also use the cable protector. The cable protector looks similar to a telephone threaded cable. You just need it to be plugged into your iPhone charger cable.

Cable protectors not only protect cables but can also make them more attractive and beautiful. This cable protector can be removed easily and will protect your cables. There is no annoying glue or adhesive.

  1. When not in use, unplug the cable from a power outlet

If we’re lazy after charging our iPhone batteries, we tend to leave the charger plugged into the power. It is actually not good for the longevity of your iPhone adapter and charger cable.

Make it a habit to unplug your iPhone from the power socket immediately after charging. This will ensure that the charger cable does not get damaged.

  1. You can have more than one charger

The charger cable is frequently carried around, which can lead to damage.

You will often find that the charger cable is attached to the power bank while you travel, but the adapter is often used if you live at home. This is not a good idea for your iPhone charging cable.

If you plan to take your charger with you on the road, it is a good idea to have multiple cables. This will extend the life of your charger.

  1. Complete Discharge

Make it a habit of letting your battery run completely before charging it up again. You will notice a decrease in severe drops.

  1. To remove phone cases

It is important to remember one other thing, but it is often overlooked. You should never charge your smartphone while you are using a case. This can cause overheating problems.