How to Find Legal Marijuana Doctors near You

Even though marijuana has been legalized in many U.S. states to be used recreationally, the reality is that most Americans do not have access to quality medical cannabis. Millions of Americans must apply for an MMJ certificate. This can prove daunting and confusing.

Cannabis’s medicinal properties have not been fully accepted in conservative areas and rural areas. It can be difficult for a physician to recommend MMJ to you or to look at your medical records to determine whether cannabis is a possible treatment.

Although it may seem difficult, you can find a local doctor for medical marijuana. For some, i.e. people who live in Oklahoma, it is nearly as easy to get a card for medical marijuana as getting prescribed medication.

Others, however, find the process of obtaining a medical card for marijuana to be nothing but a nightmare. It is an exhausting, long and tedious process that can lead to frustration.

Most people do not realize that MMJ laws in many states allow for 420 clinics to provide medical cannabis recommendations.

This means that if someone searches terms like how to get a pot card, how to find a good marijuana doctor, or where to find a 420 doctor they will quickly realize that these searches are often dead ends and/or irrelevant ads.

We made this article to make it easy for you to locate a qualified marijuana doctor near your location, no matter where you are located.

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How to quickly locate medical marijuana doctors in your area

This brief guide will outline your options for medical marijuana if you are in a state offering MMJ. It is important to fully understand how MMJ works in your state.

Look online for a local marijuana doctor and call them to make an appointment to see them. There is a possibility that they won’t tell you once you’ve made your consultation payment. The state where you live has certain qualifying conditions with which you will be able to obtain a medical cannabis license.

We are unable to count the number of times that we’ve heard of patients finding a nearby marijuana doctor and going in for a consultation only to be denied because they don’t suffer from any of the qualifying medical conditions listed in their state. This happens after the patient has paid the nonrefundable consultation fee.

If you aren’t sure what the conditions for medical cannabis users are in your specific state, make sure to visit our regularly updated guide. The guide lists all medically-legal states currently, as well the specific qualifying conditions.

If you are fortunate enough to live in New York California or Nevada you may be able to speak with an online doctor to receive your medical marijuana recommendation.

The new online telemedicine services can be used quickly, reliably, and conveniently. Customers who have used them to get their MMJ licensing on the same date as their consultations have given us a lot of positive feedback.

Although the process is a bit more complex for residents from other states, we have provided a list of the best ways to find a doctor for medical marijuana near you.

Do you want to find a Marijuana Doctor close to me?

Be sure to look up the information you need before you start your online search for a marijuana physician near me.

For example, you must be familiar with the conditions necessary to apply for and use medical marijuana in all 50 states that have an MMJ Program. These include:

You must be 18 years or older.

You will need to provide proof of identification from the State you plan on applying for medical cannabis.

Must have a qualifying medical situation as listed in your particular state. See the above for more details. A recent article that we wrote for the top qualifiers listed the most prevalent conditions that make it eligible for medical cannabis in most states.

Considerations to Make When Selecting a Medical Marijuana Practitioner

Before we go into the process to get your medical records from a medical marijuana physician, you must mention any qualifying conditions. These conditions can vary by state. You must be listed on at least one state’s list to be eligible for a card.

Check the requirements in your state before you book an appointment for a medical marijuana evaluation. This will allow you to be prepared for when you visit your state’s medical marijuana clinic.